Presidential and Local Elections Monitoring Reports

The Effective Civil Society Control as Factor for Increasing Integrity and Transparency in the Political and Electoral Process” project is an initiative of Transparency International – Bulgaria which is currently implemented, starting in June 2011 with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF). The primary goal of the project is to promote integrity in the electoral process by mobilizing civil society organizations in order to exercise effective control over the forthcoming election campaigns in view of two major dimensions: Transparency and accountability in election campaign financing Vote buying prevention The main objectives of the initiative are: Mobilization of the expertise of civil society actors and experts in order to elaborate a new methodology for monitoring of the forthcoming elections (adequate to the requirements of new Election Code); Mobilization of NGOs and media to exercise effective civil society control over the forthcoming Local elections – 2011 and Presidential elections – 2011; Increasing the level of public awareness towards the problems associated with corruption of the electoral process, non-transparent election campaign financing, promoting the public intolerance towards buying of electoral votes. Interaction between civil society structures and state institutions for implementing effective control over the electoral process. The initiative will be carried out in three main lines of activity: 1. Mobilizing civil society capacity and expert community in order to monitor the elections in accordance with the provisions of the new Election Code – conducting sociological and legal surveys on the basis of which to be developed a monitoring methodology; 2. Conducting extensive advocacy campaign, including creating a civil coalition for monitoring of the electoral process, conducting media campaign in support of the concepts for transparency and integrity of the electoral process; 3. Regular information on the results of the initiative, including election process monitoring with focus on two main components: monitoring of the financing of the election campaigns and monitoring of the electoral process on Election Day. As a result of implementing the initiative, TI-Bulgaria will prepared an Index for Transparency of the 2011 Presidential Elections and Index for Transparency of the 2011 Local Elections. You can download the full Election Monitoring Report from here and the Partial Election Monitoring Report from here.