Integrity Pact

In continuation of the proposed Social Contract for Democratic Elections to all political parties in 2009, on September 19, 2011, Transparency International – Bulgaria initiated Integrity Pact in the financing and conducting the election campaign for President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The new contract aims to commit the candidates nominated by political parties, coalitions and nomination committees to the implementation of measures against vote buying and conducting election campaigns in accordance with the standards for transparency, openness and accountability.

Full text of the Integrity Pact can be found here. A call for signing of the document is addressed to all participants in the presidential campaign. They can receive an original copy of the Integrity Pact upon request by phone on 986 79 20. In order to be included in the initiative, the presidential candidates must send a duly signed copy of the Integrity Pact to the address of Transparency International – Bulgaria or email it to

The same format Integrity Pact will be offered to all mayoral and municipal council candidates across the country.

The participants in the elections for President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as mayors and city councilors have been invited to undertake the following commitments:

1) To carry out the financing of the election campaign in accordance with the principles of transparency, openness and accountability, as well as in full compliance with the requirements of the law.

2) To conduct election campaigns in accordance with the best international practices and standards which exclude any form of improper influence on the choice of the Bulgarian citizens, including vote buying and controlled vote.

3) To ensure a high level of openness and transparency in the financing of their election campaigns by providing representatives of Transparency International – Bulgaria with the opportunity to carry out a civil monitoring of the campaign revenue and cost.

As a signatory to the Integrity Pact, Transparency International – Bulgaria and its partners commit to:

1) Conduct a civil monitoring for implementation of the commitments made in this contract.

2) Provide expert advice to all stakeholders, institutions and organizations on the internationally recognized standards for financing of political activities and mechanisms to enhance transparency and accountability in the election process.

3) Conduct a large scale awareness campaign to inform the Bulgarian public for their rights, responsibilities and penalties for violating the rules of democracy.

4) Timely alert the Bulgarian public, the European and international institutions for any identified infringements of the rights of the Bulgarian citizens such as, pressure exerted on the voters, attempts at vote buying, and other abuses of the electoral process.

5) Strictly abide by the rules of political impartiality, transparency and integrity in carrying out their responsibilities under this social contract.

6) Prepare a final expert report on the monitoring and inform the Bulgarian public, the national and European institutions about the results of the independent observation.

In keeping our commitment to provide current information with regard to the support of the civil initiative, Transparency International – Bulgaria will hold regular briefings and update the public with results of the monitoring.